Smart Infrastructure Solutions

Improving the quality and safety of the world’s infrastructure while optimizing the performance and efficiency of those who build it.

When the conventional is cumbersome and costly, we are proud to be called unconventional.

Real-Time Concrete Strength Sensors

Introducing REBEL™ Concrete Strength Sensors – the world’s first-ever, completely BREAK-FREE™ , real-time, in-place concrete strength solution.

The REBEL™ Concrete Strength Sensing System requires:


  • NO concrete breaks
  • NO maturity curves
  • NO guesswork, interpretation, or manipulation
  • NO unnecessary schedule delays
  • NO waste

As our REBEL™ name suggests, there is nothing conventional about our technology. In contrast to all other testing methods, our concrete strength testing method is the only one in the world that can directly measure, in real-time, in-place concrete strength without any destructive concrete testing, without the development of a maturity curve, and without any reliance or assumptions regarding concrete mix. If a concrete mix needs to be changed mid-stream during a project, no problem – our sensors are not impacted by concrete mix design.

Who we are

Each year, the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE) searches for the most innovative technologies across all major infrastructure sectors to identify what it determines to be the country’s most important #GameChangers in infrastructure. Wavelogix is honored to have been selected as an ASCE Gamechanger for 2021!


In 2017, the Indiana Department of Transportation (INDOT) was looking to reduce the premature failure of roads and bridges while limiting traffic closure times and commissioned Dr. Luna Lu and her lab at Purdue University’s top-ranked Lyles School of Civil Engineering to find a solution. Four years later, following a successful R&D program and overwhelmingly positive feedback, Wavelogix was formed.


Wavelogix has developed a proprietary IoT sensing and data analytics platform for infrastructure testing and monitoring. Our award-winning electrical impedance-based sensing technology provides real-time, in-place concrete strength without the need for any pre-established maturity curve or index, enabling construction engineers to make accurate data-driven decisions with respect to materials selection, construction schedules, budgets, and allocation of other critical resources.